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The Think Tank Idea Taking Shape

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The project, lets call it NWFTT-Project, stands for North West Fjord Think Tank Project, is absolutely unique in its concept. It is symbolically covered under the domain of Uni-Centre-WF.

In the first phase, experts will be invited to come at their own cost and support will be provided to them for local boarding and lodging as well as the working environment with digital networking facilities.

In recognition of their services, the experts will be considered Guest-Professors.

Contrary to the traditional Think Tanks, the objective here is not the material existence of its own building, with staff and income generation measures, but rather the virtual work, digitally up to date and connected worldwide.


A Think Tank should be made up of dogma-free members, who do not follow specific political, economic and religious directions.

The Idea can be put for discussion in the middle of possible topics: 

- Curtailment instead of Growth 
- Protection of Environment instead of Destruction of Resources.


Regarding costs and Benefits, the following measures can lead to positive results:

Motivation of local staff to question the existing direction of things,

Consideration of the specialties of the region, which is a challenge for the best.

Challenges of extreme climate, extreme environment, isolated situation - almost island-like situation, easily manageable population-, are possible basis areas for research, mentioned here only as an example. There are areas in the Asian wilderness, also in south Atlantic like the Falklands,- but there we may not have the reach-ability as we have in the NW-Fjorde.


It should make sense for the project Think Tank to investigate around the topic:

Housing and autonomous Infra-structure

It should be kept in mind, that not the rural areas are to be developed like capital cities but rather the specialties of the regions are to be examined and developed. What should be done, if well known aspects of urban life turn out to be the actual disturbing factors in development!


The active participants are the foreign experts, who work at the same time as promoters of this very unusual project.

Passive participants can be students of UCWT, if they can prove appropriate qualification.

Communal entities and local undertakings, if they desire, can be integrated into the project.

After the first meeting to be prepared by external experts, a networked once or twice a year meeting in the off season. Setting up of Container-Camps may be a possibility considering the special climatic and environmental conditions. 


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