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Up Cycling

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What you have, you must use through UpCycling (ReCycling + Design). Here are some beautiful and useful samples of Up-Cycling from Pakistan, Cameroon, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Germnay:

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Doll collection from Guatemala

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Mr Eckhard Bach handover his Doll collection from Guatemala to Dr Senta Siller 


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Traditional Attire (1974), Size: 32 CM, Upcycling with Cola-Bottle, Styropor, Cotton Material, Glue and hand painted

Donator: Eckhard Bach / Bach Collection 6 from 49, Germany

Attire Santiago Atitlan, Attire Chichicastenango, Cof. Nebaj, Mixco, Cof.Quetzaltenago m., Cof.Quetzaltenago f.

Madonna ( 2015) Size: 25 cm, 9 cm Stand, Description: Santa Maria with Jesus child and dried flowers in basket, clothing maize straw with lace face and hands terracotta hand painted

Donator: Senta Siller, Germany

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Unique Item vs. Industrial Production

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Norbert Pintsch, Boris Bjoernsteinn 

As soon as the infrastructure allows it, manufacturing of various items of daily use but also handicrafts are started to be produced through industrial methods.

The argument here is normally: It must be worthwhile to produce the item, this refers to the economic level, which has and must have its short term and short sighted approach to problem resolution The cultural aspect here is totally ignored, because an evaluation of something neither tangible nor calculable is hardly possible.

This dilemma is clearly visible in the development of share prices. They increase in totality according to general situation, because they represent the industrial production. It does not reflect the destruction of resources and the environmental damage, on which it is based.

As a graphical depiction, the industrial growth can be put in comparison to the loss of resources.

Regarding manufacturing of unique pieces and requirement of the customers to purchase something very individual, the comparison would be with the estimated loss of the ability to manufacture the piece of handicraft.

Why should a unique piece be manufactured at a higher cost, if it can be manufactured industrially in a much larger quantity,- so the opinion and expectation of the purchasers.

In the field of the art market, runaways from the artistic scene suggest a demand for the items with unique characteristics. The specialty has a price. Participation in its production creates imitators, so the price continues to slide downward and withy that also the value.

This phenomena is actually not a phenomena but rather a result of the economic oriented approach.
Work places, resources, cultural values are regulated in this way and cause damage in social and political field.

It is remarkable, how little attention is given to the effects and causes. The industrial product with a logo has a higher value as compared to the unique product, especially then, when it is not communicated industrially.

The possibility of marketing unique items and small series is made difficult and obstructed through certification sectors, which in the context of value addition suggest safety, environmental protection and work protection.

Result is, that the unique product gradually falls away from perception for financial reasons through the missing value addition. The special thing is, that the richness of culture of a country gradually disappears.

Innovation and creativity are promoted, but limited due to economic arguments. The connections between climate, environment and culture are lost in the process of globalization. The forgotten and the lost differences however remain.

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