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Renewed travel restrictions

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It was planned for October - now it is necessary to postpone it again. Nevertheless, there is news from the International Doll Museum in Flateyri.

Enclosed are a few pics from our sponsors Abrecht (B.Abrecht, author of the Icelandic architecture guide), who accepted the quarantine in order to visit their property again, including the doll museum.

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Snow avalanche delays further development of the Doll Museum in Flateyri

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Unfortunately and again recently, a snow avalanche disrupted the implementation of the project plans. Now it's time to wait again.

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Description and photo compiled and curated from Dr Senta Siller



Name of Doll: Geisha
Continent/Country/Year: Asia, Japan ?
Description: Stuffed cloth-head, painted
Obi over traditional Kimono,
Stand: black plate
Size:37 cm
Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Female Dancer
Continent/Country/Year: Asia, Japan?
Description: textile body, embroidered outfit
head topped by tiara, gathered blouse and long narrow skirt with flower embroidery,
square wood stand / black lacquer 
Size: 41 cm
Donator: FarienObi over traditional Kimono,
stand: black plate
Size:37 cm
Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Shepherd Pair
Continent/Country/Year: SE Europe, Balkan
Description: Girl red headscarf, necklace,
white blouse, long green skirt with bib, boots
Boy black cap and waistcoat, white shirt, pant
with orange and black stripes, knotted belt,
black boots, wooden board
Size: 27 cm / 32 cm
Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: 2 Dancers
Continent/Country/Year: Asia, Burma?
Description: heads of wood, hand painted,
golden tiaras, long sleeveless garments in
brocade and orange, pointed footwear,
mounted on black rectangle board
Size: 33 cm
Donator: Hella  Farien


Name of Doll: Shepherd 
Continent/Country/Year: SE Europe, Macedonia?

Description: black adorned hat heavy felted long white coat with red aplicque over green waistcoat and red-white striped pants,

black boots, round wood stand
Size: 25cm

Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Farm Girl
Continent/Country/Year: SE Europe, Croatia?
Description: two braids, headscarf, white blouse,
knee long gathered striped skirt, black boots,
rectangular stand of light wood
Size: 27 cm

Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Dancing Musician
Continent/Country/Year: SE Europe, Macedonia?
Description: black headwear, wood head painted,
short gown gathered in the waist with ribbons,
rich tassel boots, fixed on square bord of wood-
Size: 23 cm
Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Blond Girl / National Costume
Continent/Country/Year: S.E. Europe
Description: heavy costume with lines of embroidery, red fringes, red leather boots, stand square board
Size: 20 cm

Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Woman with child and Baby
Continent/Country/Year: America, Cuba?
Description: black woman in long white and
with shawl carrying baby in a shoulder bundle,
accompanied by a child in same attire with
brown apliqués.
Size: 20 cm
Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Village Pair
Continent/Country/Year: S.E. Europe, Balcan
Description: Girl white blouse, waistcoat with buttons and embroidery, wide skirt of lace, red ribbons
Boy black and white cap with ribbons, long frock enriched with buttons, pants red white striped -both black boots; bord of light wood
Size: 17 cm, 19 cm

Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Girl doll ‚Kuja Wianka‘
Continent/Country/Year: EU / Krakowie, Poland / 1980
Description: small bonnet with ribbons, white blouse, blue waistcoat and skirt, red skirt with hand painted white ornaments.
Size: 18 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Lady ‚Kobieta Warminska‘
Continent/Country/Year: EU / Krakowie, Poland / 1976
Description: white bonnet with big bow of ribbon, brown long dress with long sleeves, plastic material
Size: 17 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Country Girl with braids
Continent/Country/Year: EU / Poland / 1978
Description: knitted red headscarf, white blouse, long skirt under a three colors-striped apron,
black boots, round stand
Size: 17 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: "Lowiczanka"
Continent/Country/Year: EU / Krakowie, Poland / 1978
Description: blond plait, head scarf red with flower print, flowers embroidered on waist, long skirt under a three  colors-striped apron, body plastic material
Size: 14,5 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Barefoot Girl "harvest"
Continent/Country/Year: Europe / Germany / 1975
Description: over red turban load of a wheat bundle, brown blouse with short sleeves, green skirt,
stand:square wood board
Size: 14,5 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Campesino
Continent/Country/Year: South America / Andes 1980
Description: headwear ‚gorro‘ - white shirt, brown knitted long jacket with buttons, narrow pants in riding boots - no stand
Size:19 cm
Donator: Hella Farien

Name of Doll: Balkan Lady
Continent/Country/Year:  Europe, Balkan / about 1970
Description: brown hair, buttoned waistcoat over high neck wide long sleeved ribboned blouse,  green apron, beaked shoes (Opank)
Size: 20.5 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Girl with two blond braids
Continent/Country/Year: Europe, Croatia / about 1972
Description: gathered white blouse, high closed blue festive sleeveless dress in knee length, laced Opank shoes 
Size: 24 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Flamenco Dancers
Continent/Country/Year: America / Cuba / 1988
Description: Lady long black hair, large earrings and jewelry, red long dress with frills, trenses on white shawl ,  Castagnettes, red shoes.
Sir cap, waistcoat, white shirt, slim black trousers, black shoes.
Size: 18 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Latina Bride
Continent/Country/Year: America / Cuba / 1988
Description: vail, ornaments, bridal flower bouquet, happy white dress with happy flower print
Size: 20 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Flower-Girl
Continent/Country/Year: Europe / Germany / 1988
Description: bonnet rich embroidered with flowers, short red skirt, pleated apron.
Size: 17,5 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Boy in white
Continent/Country/Year: Europe / Arctic / 1988
Description: black cap, white, warm suit with leather belt  ornaments and tassels, laced shoes.
Size: 16 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Senior Travelling Lady
Continent/Country/Year: Europe / Germany / 1985
Description: bonnet with black face vail, green costume with long sleeves and white bib, handbag, umbrella.
Size: 13 cm

Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Senior Traveling Gentleman
Continent/Country/Year: Europe / Germany / 1985
Description: white cylinder, shirt and bow, jacket white and black checks, black trousers and shoes, umbrella and suitcase
Size: 14 cm
Donator: Hella Farien
Name of Doll: Winter Girl
Continent/Country/Year: America / California / 2010
Description: real blond hair bound together, head crafted of wood, hand painted, dress white and black checked, long white pants
Size: 38 cm
Donator: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Sydney / Australia
Name of Doll: Girl with sleeping eyes
Continent/Country/Year: Asia / Uzbekistan / 2016
Description: traditional Uzbek outfit of striped cloth,
beaded ornaments for the cap and bip, cross stitch embroidered
apron, long knee socks, boots
Size:38 cm
Donator: Rano Frosch, Würzburg / Germany

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Swimming in the pool of the sham community

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Swimming in the pool of the sham community 
When social innovations take off

What costs nothing, that is worth nothing.

This realization is not deceptive, because it is a reality with which we have to live.

It is also a reality that projects are pushed and end more or less quickly, when the flow of money ends.

If a certain form of prosperity is achieved, then the desire for more only arouses private needs.

The desire, the strength, the joy of participating in such visions ends where -at the latest- sense of community starts to develop.

Involvement in an altruistic Think Tanks is always measured by the question, who is helping, - How does that benefit me?

Since all this is known, it is simply valid to say: continue!

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About the Think Tank Project

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by Norbert Pintsch IPC, FPAC


After sketching the topic HOUSING in three publications (Housing, Population and Housing, Systems and Housing), TTP is now entering a new phase.

Although the topic of communication and information has been treated in various essays over the years, experience has also been gained with contemporary techniques, but now the problems arising from the cultural model and its inter-dependencies, as well as system considerations on general housing meed to be discussed.

There are misunderstandings from small groups to large groups, and it is more than a miracle that an exchange is possible at all.

It is not only the basic communication, which is a problem.

If one were to orient oneself towards Wittgenstein (which one is not supposed to talk about, one has to be silent about it), then hardly any communication and information should be taking place.

In the assumption of better understanding, new terms are invented, which instead of closer definition create still new questions and thus new answers with new terms and for improvement with the same, similar or different concepts or ideas.
Already the analogue exchange of ideas on earth is more than problematic, but when the digital exchange comes into play with additional time or distance factors, then arise the real problems!

Housing in the closed system is the protection, the material protection, - the immateriality that demands the traditional humanity!

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Entdecke Island Architektur - Birgit Abrecht

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Development of art through digital technology and biochemical adaptations

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Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, SRF / FPAC

As already often mentioned, it is not about either this ... or this, but about both; this-as well as this. This does not mean that from now on a new form of art is available, but rather: it is still in the phase of development, maybe the effects of this are unimaginable to contemporary critics, but this is always the case with imminent upheavals in approach.

We had already written "About the End of the Arts and Crafts" - in means here that unique items will gradually disappear and will play a role only with certain collectors in the high-price segment, - for the masses remain increasingly only copies, that is: mass produced products , This may not be understandable to the contemporaries, but it is so.

We have already written about "Polycrystalline and Bio-Molecular Structures in mobile and Immobile Towns (Architecture and Urban Development)" - this runs parallel to the upcoming art, whereby the term art is to be understood in a comprehensive sense, with painting, literature , Music - all in the traditional sense.

What awaits our children and grandchildren, if they are not already infiltrated in this direction?

Creative interactive consumption, with -Virtual theater, where one can play classics with friends, but also let yourself act with "stars", -Virtual design, with classic role models, but also by experiencing neural highways, -Virtual experience in games and sports in animated roles including traveling through the cosmos, as well as movements in, through and on the planet.

The reference to already existing infiltration refers to the computer-assisted film and music productions, computer simulations, - ultimately, all areas of life are at least affected, even if it is not perceived as such. It is valid here: we see what we want to see, - hear what we mean to hear, think what we like! What can be thought, if the thinking subject is also the object at the same time? The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is immune to this problem!

The question of why and for what reason we had already discussed under the topic

"Regarding the development of housing in a closed system".

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