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Workshop in Upcycling

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At the invitation of the Museum Fund of the IDM, two volunteer helpers are preparing for a workshop in Flateyri.

Dr Senta Siller (DGFK e.V.) had 15 years ago through her doll collection laid the foundation stone for the IDM, - along with Sabine Piltz (Cultura e. V) handicraft techniques were imparted to the local women in two workshops.

The 15th anniversary will be an occasion for a special exhibition: 50 traditionally dressed dolls from the Bach collection that were acquired for the IDM. 

DGFK e.V., IDM Flateyri, SEMOL, Dr Senta Siller/Cultura e.V., Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch/DGFK eV. Sabine Piltz/Cultura

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