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FLATEYRI in April 2017

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Volunteers on site: Senta Siller, Sabine, Norbert Pintsch

Meeting with the new director of the museum fund: Bryndis

Meeting with the initiator of the Conference on Future of Remote Settlements: Johanna

Meeting with tourist guides in the NW-Fjords: Helga, Edda

Update of the ID-Museum Catalogue: New-Entries and Problems. The following dolls were handed over to the ID-Museum department:
Rag Doll, printed Ikat-suit ornated with eariings,
golden lace and pailetts from Usbekistan,
32 cm,
Donator: Rana Frosch,
AS79, Pro Forma Number.

Marionette Musician from Rajastan, India,
woodenhead carved, pink suit,
around 2000,
60 cm, Donator: Barbara Kumar,
AS80, Pro Forma Number.

The collection has grown because of a local donation of 200 dolls, so that new considerations about the collection are now due. In the beginning, the share of foreign women was large and the collection therefore also had the function of an ideal home. This phase is now over, which is why there is a need for restructuring, which means that not all dolls can be displayed. There is a need to make a mix of unique handicrafts and souvenirs (industrially produced handicrafts). New entries have led to uncontrolled placements. An event with ethnology students from the capital with the ID museum can be a helpful advertising campaign for both sides. The effort of updating, assigning and selecting requires a time effort of about two weeks, says the initiator Dr Senta. The current location of the collection between Restauration and the Handicraft shop is good for cruise tourists, also the Museum of Fishing is locate on the opposite side of the street and the benches and tables on this side are very attractive.

ID-Museum, Cultura-Landgut-Borsig, Bryndis Sigurdadottir, Johanna Kristiansdottir, Helga Hausner, Edda Graichen, Senta Siller, Norbert Pintsch

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